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Baumgart, Macool/McCool, Berninger, Burnett, Leonard, Conrad, Linderman, Gormley, Goss, Purvis, Porst, Tharp, Donnelly, Rodgers, Kane, Kemmerer, Kirst, Moore, Troxell, to name a few.

Information on some of the branches was slow coming to me. I have hit some brick walls, especially where the people were recent immigrants. Some of the information I have pieced together by remembering stories I heard from my Mom and Dad.

I have found cousins that I did not know that I had. They are researching the same families, this made my research go much faster. Some of our ancestors have been in the US since the early 1700's. They are actually the easiest to trace. The Berninger's and the Troxell's were the easiest to find because of the cousins I found also searching. The Troxell's built one of the first frame houses in Pennsylvania, the story goes, that indians were so amazed at what they were doing they would gather and watch them from across the river. The Lindermans also have been in the US for many generations, as were the Burnett's, Conrad's and the Purvis'. These families took part in the Revolution, the war of 1812 and the Civil war.
I am proud to announce that I applied for and was accepted in the Daughters of the American Revolution on Peter Troxell of Pennsylvania. His father Peter Sr. is also a patriot, and Henry Kemmerer another ancestor is also in the DAR database. I will be adding them to my DAR ancestor list.

The Donnelly's, Conrad's, Berningers, Macool's and Linderman's fought on the side of the north and the Purvis' on the side of the south in
the Civil War, both families lost many young men. The Donnelly's helped the slaves escape the the south and operated a safe house in Philadelphia. The Donnelly's claim to have lost someone in every war including Viet Nam, where they lost......

John (Jack) Donnelly (1948-1970)
Jackie was a Navy Seal and lost his life in the Seafloat 162nd AHC Crash

"It is well that war is so terrible, or we should get too fond of it." - Robert E. Lee

God bless America

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